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Carney, George O., ed. Fast Food, Stock Cars, and Rock-n-Roll: Place and Space in Popular Culture. Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 1995.

Cultural geographer George Carney of Oklahoma State University edits this anthology of the work of thirteen leading cultural geographers working with popular culture. The book looks at numerous interesting topics such as the emergence of the fast food restaurant and its "zany" architecture, "grunge" rock, NASCAR race tracks, old motels, country music, and blue jeans all within the framework of cultural geography. In the introduction Carney discusses the differences between place and space while tracing the emergence of popular culture as a subject for the geographer and the importance of such scholarship. He writes: "The understanding of the landscape by an informed public is urgently needed if citizens are to comprehend the changes in their local communities and countrysides." This original and useful book engages the growing importance of popular culture and the "vernacular" in the study of material culture. [N. King]