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Shephard, Paul. Man in the Landscape: A Historic View of the Esthetics of Nature. New York: Distributed by Random House for Knopf, 1967.

Paul Shephard's work is a conversation framed around uncovering and understanding human ecology, or man's influence on the landscape. He examines the traditions and beliefs that were created from landscape painting, literature, gardening, and the myth of paradise, and then reconciles those ideas with an ecological perspective. Shephard takes a holistic approach to his subject by including the concepts of evolution, art history, a sense of place, landscape, tourism, wilderness, hunting and gathering cultures, and environmental exploitation in his discourse. Unfortunately, in writing this book his tone, locution, and perspective are what one would currently consider sexist. The author offers an apology in the preface of the 1991 preprint.[K. Mackall]