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Tanner, Adrian. Bringing Home Animals: Religious Ideology and Mode of Production of the Mistassini Cree Hunters, New York: St. Martin Press, 1979.

In this ethnographic study, anthropologist Adrian Tanner describes and analyzes a society of Mistassini Cree Indian hunters and trappers. Tanner lived and interacted with the community for eighteen months before writing his dissertation. Tanner identifies the functioning economic and social system of the culture, with particular attention being paid to the hunting and trapping fur trade community of mistassini. The author presents an understanding of how the Mistassini organize space (within hunting camps and during religious ceremonies) as a reflection of the social organization of the hunting group and religious beliefs. This book also includes a wonderful discussion about the rituals, respect, and relationship between hunters and animals they kill whose signif9icance is acknowledged in the everyday material culture of the Mistassini. [K. Mackall]