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APT Bulletin. 4/yr.
Call number: NA 106. A81
No bibliography. The APT Bulletin is the quarterly publication of the Association for Preservation Technology International. As the name of the funding institution implies, this journal has an international scope with contributing writers from all over the world. Each issue lists one broad topic at the top of the table of contents which all of the articles in that edition discuss. Two such topics are "Computers in Conservation" and "Preservation of Historic Masonry." By judging from the depth and complexity of the articles, APT's target audience is comprised of architects, historians, preservationists, and scholars in other related fields. One highly useful, recurring feature in the APT Bulletin is the book review section. In each issue, two or three books are reviewed in in-depth, lengthy reviews which can span up to a page per book. Overall, each issue of this journal provides the reader with a variety of ways to tackle a preservation issue. In the edition dedicated to preserving historic masonry, there are entries ranging from an introduction as to what constitutes historic masonry to laboratory tests and evaluations of different conservation practices to the application of the conserving material.
CRM Bulletin, 1978--. 6/yr.
Call number: E 159 .C8 Folio
Publication of the National Park Service to promote high standards in preservation and management of cultural resources. Not especially scholarly, but an essential source on cultural resource management. No bibliographies.
Historical Archaeology, see entry under Archaeology
Historic Preservation, 1949--. 6/yr.
Call number: E 151 .H5
Published by the National Trust for Historic Preservation. Not a scholarly journal, but is dedicated exclusively to American historic preservation issues and activities. The vast majority of the articles deal with Trust sites located throughout the United States. Historic Preservation regularly includes such features as book reviews and a calendar of upcoming events sponsored by the Trust. No bibliographic apparatus whatsoever.
ICOM Committee for Conservation Triennial Meeting Preprints,
Call number: N 8554.5 .I26 Folio. Catalogued as monographs.
Published by ICOM (International Council on Museums). Very thorough scholarship of wide scope on issues of importance to museums and conservation. Frequently publishes bibliographies, usually checklists, prepared by individual working groups on issues like training in conservation, restoration, etc. No serial bibliography.
Journal of American Institute for Conservation, 1977--. 3/yr.
Call number: N 8554 .A53 Folio
Publishes scholarly papers dealing with the conservation/ preservation of museum pieces, books, occasionally buildings. Includes some book reviews but does not publish serial or subject bibliographies.
The Old-House Journal. 6/yr.
Call number: NA 7125. 042
No bibliography. The Old-House Journal is published bimonthly by Dovetale Publishers in Gloucester, Massachusetts. This journal is geared toward members of the general public who have an interest in learning how to preserve and restore old houses or who may be in the midst of a project and need further information. The journal is more popular in nature than scholarly, but the articles are very informative so chances are even the professional might learn something new in each issue. Towards the end of each issue, the OHJ publishes a series of lists which include restoration firms and new products one can use as a source of reference for future projects. The articles vary from issue to issue, but each focuses on a specific stage of home restoration. This journal tells it like it is, and does not attempt to glorify the process of restoring an old house. One article entitled, "What to Do About Peeling Ceilings," surmised that although there are some steps to making the process of shearing paint a little easier, the best remedy is elbow grease. All of the articles are written in a style with the amateur preservationist in mind. This journal truly provides the reader with hands-on techniques that can be applied directly to a project.
Spaces, 1985--. Irregular.
Published by SPACES (Saving and Preserving Arts and Cultural Environments), Los Angeles. Focuses on America's folk art environments w/special attention to issues of preservation and documentation. Publishes occasional bibliographies, and surveys of museum exhibitions.

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