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Critical Inquiry, 1974--. 4/yr.
Call number: NX 1 .C93, <>
With articles written by scholars like Henry Louis Gates Jr., Andreas Huyssen, Judith Butler, and Frederick Jameson, Critical Inquiry provides a venue for top critical race, class, postcolonial, and gender theorists to publish current work. Each issue publishes a bibliographic checklist entitled, "Books of Critical Interest." Occasionally, this is expanded to "Books and Discs..." or "Books, Disc, and Videocassettes..." "Book" is used to cover both monographs and anthologies. These checklists appear to be a fairly comprehensive listings of recent work published in these fields however, there is no editorial statement indicating if their goal is comprehensiveness or how they chose which work to included in the bibliography. Although not annotated, the checklist does provide complete publishing information as well as cost and page length/running time of the works.
Cultural Critique
This journal seems to focus on postcolonialism and the critique of global corporate capitalism, including its hegemonic structures and technologies of implementation, looking at both historical antecedents as well as contemporary culture. An impressive editorial board of U.S. based scholars oversees the work of the more junior scholars published in this journal. Most articles offer analyses of non-canonical literature, technology, or the work of various theorists. The journal seems willing to take a few more risks, publishing more articles in emergent fields. Each issue publishes a short, three to five page, "Books Received," checklist.
Cultural Studies, 1987--
Call number: HM101.C8923
Founded in 1987, Cultural Studies is the journal which most explicitly discusses the field of cultural studies, its theories, methods, and political practice. Editors are very much aware of the constituitive role the journal has, and continues to play in the development and expansion of the field of cultural studies in the United States and its integration with cultural studies abroad. Contributors include a mix of artists, writers, graduate students, lecturers, and professors. Articles range broadly across theoretical perspectives, topics, and disciplines while maintaining the core exploration of cultural studies: theorizing the relationships of power between cultural and social practice, and their institutional contexts. In the last issue of each volume, the journal publishes a checklist of "Books Received from Publishers" for the year prior. For example, the checklist published in October 1997, was for items received up to December 31, 1996.
Postmodern Culture
Call number: PN 98.P67P668 COMPUTER FILE, <>
Postmodern Culture is not exclusively an American Studies journal, but it covers a number of relevant topics. American Studies scholars interested in technology and contemporary popular culture should definitely take a look. This is an electronic journal and includes a listserv and links to web sites.
Public Culture: Society for Transnational Cultural Studies
Call number: NX180.S6 P8
Ten years old, Public Culture is a glossy, high production value, cutting edge journal which has "sought to shape debates on transnationalism and globalization, to interrogate the culturally inflected concept of the public, and to articulate a critical late twentieth century internationalism" ("Editor's Note," v. 10.1, Fall '97, p. vii). Public Culture looks both at the historical development of the public as well as contemporary understandings of citizenship, publics , and nationhood. The international editorial board contains well known scholars in postcolonial studies, gender studies, cultural anthropology, sociology, and cultural studies. Contributors to the journal tend to be professors in the social sciences with perhaps one graduate student contributor per issue. Public Culture's Winter 1996 issue was named the best single issue of a journal for 1996 by the Association of American Publishers. Recently, the journal added a section termed "artworks" in which public, non-academic, art doing critical cultural work is reviewed. Periodically the journal publishes a bibliographic checklist of recent arrivals.
Representations, 1983--. 4/yr.
Call number: NX 1 .R46, <>
Publishes work interpreting cultural forms of representation in historical context. The topics are not limited to America or to art, but cover cultural criticism, history, and literary criticism. The scholarship and theorizing is tip top. Recent special issues include "American Cinema and Popular Culture," "Sexuality and the Social Body in the 19th Century," "Misogyny, Misandry, and Misanthropy," and "The Cultural Display of the Body." Contributors tend to be top professors in the humanities and social sciences. Volume 20 has an author index to volumes 1-20. No bibliographies.
Theory, Culture, and Society: Explorations in Critical Social Science see entry under Critical Theory
Urban Anthropology and Studies of Cultural Systems and World Economic Development. see entry under Anthropology

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