Critical Cyberculture Studies: Mapping an Evolving Discipline

April 26-27, University of Maryland


Friday, April 26


8:30-9:30 AM             Breakfast, Registration, 0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

9:30-10:30                   Opening Address, 0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                    Joan Korenman, “Women Online: The 52% Minority”

                                    Center for Women and Information Technology

10:45-12:15                 Breakout Sessions

                                    Session One: Political Action in Cyberspace

                                    Seminar Room, Basement of McKeldin Library

                                                “CYBERACTIVISM: Between False Empowerment and

                                                Radical Action,” Sandor Vegh, University of Maryland

                                                “ Searching for a Collective Identity in

                                                the Feminist Cyberactivist,” Mike Ayers, New School for

                                                Social Research

                                                “Identifying with Information: Citizen Empowerment, the

                                                Internet, and the Environmental Toxins Movement,” Wyatt

                                                Galusky, Virginia Tech

                                                Comment: Martha McCaughey, Virginia Tech


                                    Session Two: Theoretical Cyberspace

                                    0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Toward a Praxis of Cyberculture Studies: Inter/activism

                                                and the Commercial,” Jeremy Hunsinger, Virginia Tech

                                                “Strategic Hyperlinks: Cyberculture Studies, Net Discourse,

                                                and the Rise and Fall of dot.coms,” David Silver, University

                                                of Washington

                                                “Refusing Disciplinarity, Or Epistemologies of Cyberculture

                                                Studies: What will we Universalize and objectify this time?” 

                                                Radhika Gajjala, Bowling Green State University 


12:15-1:30                   Lunch (Sponsored by Maryland Institute for Technology in the

                                    Humanities (MITH)), Basement of McKeldin Library


1:30-3:00                     Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Three: Ordinary and Extraordinary Cyborgs

                                    0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                Cyborgian Freak Show: Mutants, Clones, and A.I  Robots as

                                                Representations of the Differently Abled,” Kimberly J.

                                                Surkan, University of Minnesota

                                                “’She is the Shape of Things to Come’: Dark Angel and the

                                                (Re) Shaping of the Female Body in Popular Culture,” Jessica

A.    Karmenzind, University of Maryland

“Progressive Embodiment and Ordinary Cyborgization,” Wendy Robinson, Duke University

Comment: Tracy L. M. Kennedy, University of Toronto


                                    Session Four: Different Literacies

                                    0102 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Writing Without Space,” Michele White, Bowling Green

                                                State University

                                                “Not Without New Media: Composing and Evaluating

                                                Strategies in Composition and Communication Classrooms,”

                                                Cheryl E. Ball, Michigan Technological University

                                                “Reading Software: Materiality and Method in Cyberculture

                                                Studies,” Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, University of



3:15-4:45                     Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Five: Cyborg Bodies

                                    0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Blank Generation: Critical Race Theory in Cyberspace,”

                                                Kali Tal, University of Arizona

                                                “Cyberculture, and the meaning of Digital Life,” Melissa

                                                Colleen Stevenson, University of California, Santa Barbara

                                                “’Coded in Spiral and Pheromone’: Toward a Theory of

                                                Embodiment for Cyberculture Studies,” Maura Daly,

                                                University of New Mexico


                                    Session Six: Hegemonic Notes

                                    0102 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Music, Technology, and Resistance to Hegemony,” Mary                                                            Madden, Georgetown University

                                                 “Say it Ain’t So John”: Or How an Arizona Senator Became a

                                                Player in a Hegemonic War of Position Around the Internet,

                                                Privacy, and Capitalism,” Linda Baughman, Saint Lawrence


                                                Comment: Bob Gibson, University of Maryland


5:00-6:30                     Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Seven: Painting With Pixels

                                    0106 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Radical Software Critical Artware: Contemporary

                                                Historicism, Theory-Practice and Production in the

                                                Classroom,” Jon Cates, School of Art Institute of Chicago

                                                “’Net Years Away’:, Research and Temporality,”

                                                Susanna Paasonen, University of Turku, Finland

                                                Comment: Debra DeRuyver, University of Maryland


                                    Session Eight: Agency and Artifice in Cyberspace

                                    0102 Francis Scott Key Hall

                                                “Applied Cyberstudies: Launching Memes into the Media

                                                Universe,” Jonah Peretti, Eyebeam Center for Art and


“How I Made My Own “Carnivore,”” Alexander R. Galloway “The Special Effects of Technoscience,” Julian Bleecker,

                                                University of California, Santa Cruz


Saturday April 27


8:30-9:00 AM             Breakfast, Armory

9:00-11:00                   Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Nine: The Business of the Web

                                    1117 Susquehanna Hall

                                                “Playing at Work: Understanding the Future of Work

                                                Practices at the ‘Institute of the Future,’” Lonny J. Brooks,

                                                University of California, San Diego

                                                “’Your Job is to Master the BLUR’ Postmodernism,

                                                Cybercapitalism, and Computerized Subjectivity in Digital

                                                Culture,” Sidney Eve Matrix, University of Minnesota

                                                “Materializing Cyberculture Studies,” Michelle Rodino,

                                                University of Pittsburgh

                                                “Cyberspace: A Critical History,” Fred Turner,

                                                Massachusetts Institute of Technology

                                                Comment: Somer Brodribb, University of Victoria


                                    Session Ten: Identity Technologies

                                    1119 Susquehanna Hall

                                                “Adventures of the Avatar—From Masterpiece to

                                                Cybergenius,” Lauren Cruikshank, York University

                                                “I Want Me To Want me: Performing Desire and Self-

                                                Consumption on,” James Cahill,

                                                University of North Carolina

                                                “Citizen Cynic: The Politics of IT Professionals,” Nathan

                                                Epley, University of North Carolina

                                                “Between Emblematics and Free Indirect Discourse:

                                                Theorizing On-line Experience Without a Subject,” Ken

                                                Hillis, University of North Carolina

                                                “Everyday Life in Cooltown and the Liberation Theology of

                                                Complete Capitalism,” Jonathan Lillie, University of North



         11:15-12:45        Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Eleven: Divides

                                    1117 Susquehanna Hall

                                                “Race, Gender, and the Rhetoric of Liberation vs.

                                                Dependency in the Digital Divide,” Vanessa Mason,

                                                University of Maryland

                                                “PAUSE,” Carolivia Herron

                                                “Digital Sistas,” Shireen Mitcheel

                                                 Comment: Alonzo Smith, Smithsonian Institute


                                    Session Twelve: Cyberculture Defined

                                    1119 Susquehanna Hall

                                                “What is Cyberculture? Cyberculture Information Theory,”

                                                Ronald Day, Wayne State University

                                                “Science, Technology, and Cyberculture: Reflections on an

                                                Emerging Discipline,” Richard Grusin, Wayne State


                                                “Smashing Code, Constructing Paradox: Avante-Garde

                                                Agency on the Internet,” Barrett Watten, Wayne State


                                                Comment: Charles J. Stivale, Wayne State University


12:45-2:00                   Lunch

2:00-3:15                     Breakout Sessions

                                    Session Thirteen: Publishing in a Virtual Field (Roundtable)

                                    1117 Susquehanna Hall

                                                Matthew Byrnie, Associate Editor, Routledge

                                                David Silver, University of Washington

                                                Jennifer Preece, University of Maryland, Baltimore County


                                    Session Fourteen: Talking Online

                                    1119 Susquehanna Hall

                                                “A Comparison of Anonymous and Author-Identified

                                                Comments in Online Student Dialogs on Oppression and

                                                Diversity,” Melissa B. Littlefield, University of Maryland at

                                                Baltimore and Elizabeth M. Bertera, Catholic University of



3:30-4:45                     Plenary Session: Cyberculture@University (Roundtable)

                                    1117 Susquehanna Hall

                                                Martha Nell Smith, Maryland Institute for Technology in the

                                                Humanities (MITH)

                                                Katie King, University of Maryland

                                                Matthew G. Kirschenbaum, University of Maryland

                                                Donald Snyder, University of Maryland


5:00-6:30                Keynote Address, 0126 Armory

                                                Donna Haraway, “From Cyborgs to Companion Species: Kinship in Technoscience,” University of California, Santa Cruz